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April 1, 2020
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May 2, 2020
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Covid-19 Pandemic Hits, Emergency Food Assistance


The Need

Vulnerable children and families all over the world are being affected by the effects of the Coronovirus.

Guatemala, like many developing countries, is home to a large population of people who struggle to get by in the best of times.

When countries shut down, business are closed, school classes stopped, and public transportation eliminated; they are the ones most affected.

Cadaniño operates two community centers in Guatemala, which serve 200 children and their families through programs that provide educational reinforcement, spiritual formation, and family strengthening services.

We have seen firsthand just how much the shutdown in Guatemala has impacted the poorest among us, and we need your help to assist them.

A large percentage of these families are run by single mothers, many of whom depend on the money they make each day to feed their kids and provide for their families.

Not being able to work is making it incredibly hard on them, and the situation is dire.

Our Response

The purpose of the Cadaniño community centers is to serve vulnerable children and families in their communities. We primarily accomplish this through after school programs of Bible study, computer classes, and tutoring in math, writing, and language arts.

Though we can no longer carry on with classes during the quarantine in Guatemala, we are working to provide regular food assistance to the families of our students.

On the 29th of March, we stepped in to help by giving all the families a care package of beans, rice, oats, milk, spaghetti, face masks, disinfectant, medicine, and hygiene products.

The families were extremely grateful with some of the mothers walking for miles to pick up their food.

We saw that the impact of this simple gesture was incredibly powerful and it confirmed for us that there is a massive need to help these families survive this time of crisis.

Importantly, in addition to the food distribution, we have also taken time to pray with and minister to the each family we are serving. In this time of crisis, reminding them that as always, our true hope lies in God.

Your Help

It doesn't take much to help these families, but we need your help to do it.

Approximately $10 pays for a bag of nutritious groceries for a family and ensures that the most vulnerable among us are fed and not forgotten.

Take a moment and put yourself in their shoes. Would you want someone to step in and help if you needed it?

There is no government safety net for these families. Though the Guatemalan government is doing what it can to help them, it simply doesn't have the resources to help everyone who needs it.

Yes, we are all struggling right now, but your donation can be the lifeline that helps a family make it through this time of crisis.


Ideally we would like to provide care package to families every two weeks until the crisis is over.

The total cost for each bi-weekly distribution is $2,000. $10 a bag x 200. We would like to raise $6,000 for a minimum of 3 distributions.

Your donations are tax-deductible. We have no administrative costs to the program other than the donation processing fees (platform).

All funds will be used to purchase food for the families of the 200 children served by the Cadanino community centers in Guatemala.

Receipts and project report will be made available to donors upon request.


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