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Guatemala Emergency Food Distribution!

Guatemala Emergency Food Distribution!

From Jamie Waller,

I just wanted to update you on the success we have been having with our feeding programs here. Thanks to generous donors we have had great impact with poor families and the elderly who are in great need and hungry. We have also been fortunately positioned to lend a caring and sympathetic ear to those in need. Hopefully we are nearly past the midpoint of this crisis and when you hear from me next, we will be back to “normal”.

Because we run the two community centers offering half day enrichment programs that include computing, bible and general tutoring we were able to get the food directly to poor folks in the neighborhoods that we already knew. Also, we were fortunate that our teachers and staff live in the community and already know the families in need. We have been helping the teachers to expand their empathic listening skills, so that while they are giving out the nourishment we are also able to lend a caring and compassionate ear to those who are lonely and frightened. It has been a wonderful opportunity for us all to think deeply and thoughtfully about how we can best minister to our communities; beyond the immediacy of this health and food crisis.

With the completion of three rounds of distribution days we have been able to prepare and distributed food bags for 200 families with over 20,000 nutritious meals. Because of donor generosity we have increased the size of the bags and also been able to include some of the elderly shut-ins in the neighborhood.

During the delivery, our team takes the time to talk, listen, comfort and pray for each of the families that we are serving. When everyone is suffering, often it can be hard to find somebody who can take the time to listen to what you are going through. These are the moments when a kind word, a prayer and directing someone to God can make all the difference.

I sincerely hope that you and yours are ok in this trying and difficult time. If you have any prayer requests please let me know.

Blessings to you and your family,

Jamie and the Cadanino Team

Tax-deductible donations can also be sent via check to made payable: Family Care Foundation and mailed to:

Family Care Foundation

L-07 Cadanino

10174 Austin Drive #1039

Spring Valley, CA 91979 USA


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