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Year End Letter From Jamie Waller


Dear Friends,

Prayers that you and yours are doing well. I wanted to update you on how Cadaniño did this past year and how we will transition in the year ahead with an improved mission and service. We were fortunate to respond quickly to the challenges of a COVID shut down with a dynamic Food Relief Program. Over the six-month lockdown in Guatemala, we distributed over 200,000 nutritious meals to hundreds of needy families. This was in addition to our everyday work in the Special Needs Center and our two Community Centers. We were blessed that so many of you extended yourselves to help with our Food Relief Program; Thank you! We hope to wind down the food relief efforts here at year-end and have continued our after school programs for vulnerable children again. We are in particular need of funding to make our budget for the Community Centers that we serve in poor neighborhoods. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I get excited about our teaching and spiritual development of these children who live in very challenging neighborhoods. Their lives are greatly enriched by classes in Computers, Bible, and general academic course work. The students we serve live in a high-risk environment where gangs prey on the young and vulnerable. Those who participate in our programs stay in school, continue their education, and are among some of the highest achievers in their respective classes. They also learn about giving back and helping others as they volunteer in our Food Relief Program and help in deliveries to the shut-in, disabled, and elderly.

Though Guatemala had some of the most restrictive shutdown policies in the Americas, we were able to pivot and adjust our programs to keep serving in the Cadaniño Special Needs Center and Community Centers. Our distance learning and reading programs had an exceptionally high impact in keeping students engaged and learning. The Special Needs Center presented a unique set of challenges as we operate inside a government residential home: ABI (Abrigo Bienestar Integral). Our staff of three (two Special Educators and one Occupational Therapist) were able to work a nearly normal schedule despite the intermittently imposed restrictions. We hope to continue to have them serving here in 2021. They provide much-needed stimulation, care, and love to this neglected population.

I hope that you will consider our work here in your year-end giving. God Bless you and your family.

Merry Christmas,

Jamie Waller

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