About Us

Our Approach

To bring targeted resources to bear in high risk situations where we can have maximum impact in the lives of those we serve. Cadanino directs funds toward projects that align with our mission, we come along side existing organizations and supplement their efforts by creating programs that meet a need for their constituents.

Vocational training for orphans, dayhab for the profoundly disabled at a government home, etc. Where no one is serving a vulnerable population, we use our resources to create programs that are beneficial at meeting a particular need, such as our community center in Colonia Santa Fe.

The Cadaniño Foundation

The Cadaniño Foundation works to serve vulnerable children in their communities through spiritual formation, educational reinforcement and family strengthening programs.

Students enroll in our after school programs at our centers located in their communities. The work we do helps keep children at home, with their families while providing the means to break the cycles of poverty that are so prevalent.

  • - James 1:27

    27 Religion that is pure and good before God the Father is to help children who have no parents and to care for women whose husbands have died who have troubles. Pure religion is also to keep yourself clean from the sinful things of the world.

    - James 1:27
  • Cadanino endeavors to work within the continuum of care for those we work with, given the resources available.
  • Serving orphaned, vulnerable and disabled children in Guatemala.

Reporting & Compliance

Cadaniño works to provide transparency in the work we do serving the vulnerable in Guatemala, here you will find links to important information about how we operate and our annual report.