Christmas Gifts 2022

Buy a gift and make Christmas special for a child who needs it.

Select and child and pay $10, this covers the transportation, shipping to Guatemala, customs fees, delivery, wrapping of your gifts and a special Christmas party to give vulnerable children in Guatemala the opportunity to experience the joy of Christmas.

When you shop for the gift, here are some suggestions of what to include:

Small toys, Hair Bows/Bands, Hair Brush/Comb, Socks, Pencils, Crayons, Markers, Erasers, Wash Cloth, Small Spanish Bible, Hot Wheels, Action Figures, toys, Card Games, Jump Rope, Bouncy Balls, Small Doll, Small Flashlight & Batteries, A letter or Christmas card.

What not to include:

Candy or food does transport well, no money, soldiers, war related items or toy guns.

Make Christmas Special for vulnerable children in Guatemala.

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