You Made a Difference!

Thank you for your help with sponsoring a Christmas gift for the students in our community center in Guatemala last Christmas.

The children we serve come from challenging circumstances, and many of them rarely receive much in the way of gifts at Christmas, and their families have limited means to celebrate.

The gift package you prepared and the funding you provided made it possible for them to receive a gift and celebrate Christmas with a beautiful party.

You help them experience the joy of Christmas, and for that, we are incredibly grateful.

The Cadaniño ministry works to serve orphans, vulnerable children, and those with special needs through targeted programs that meet their needs in their specific situation. We believe that children are best served in families and place a strong priority on services that strengthen the family unit.

This year we have 200 students enrolled in afterschool programs, our two community centers where they receive Bible classes, computer classes, and educational reinforcement.

During this year of the pandemic, many of the students enrolled in our programs have suffered greatly, many live in poor housing situations, and their parents could not work because of the Covid-19 lockdown. Few expected anything in the way of Christmas gifts.

By helping us to give them a Christmas, gift, a food bag and a Christmas message, they were reminded of the love that God has for them and the he has not forsaken them.


Cards, letters and notes of appreciation from our students.

Santa Fe Center

San Jose Pinula Center

Photos of the children

Sponsor a Teacher and Continue to Make a Difference

We believe sponsoring a teacher is the most important and effective way of keeping poverty stricken children in school.

It enables parents who do not have the time or ability, or education to assist their children with their homework, tutoring and educational assistance that so often determines weather or not a student fails or passes the year.

The Cadanino teachers are experienced professionals who live and work in the community and truly understand the chaotic environment in which these children exist.

We have found that our teachers make the true difference in the lives of our students as they work to meet the educational, mental, physical and spiritual needs of the children.

Impact of Your Sponsorship

When you sponsor a teacher today, you will be making a significant difference in the lives of people whom you may never meet. We see this as a true testimony of faith as you are reaching out to your global neighbors to reflect the light of Christ by showing love and support for His people in Guatemala.

By investing in sponsoring a teacher, you are impacting the lives of over 200 students enrolled in programs at our two community centers in Guatemala.

Will you make a monthly commitment of $20, $50, $100 a month or more?