Community Care Center, Colonia Santa Fe


Cadaniño Community Center, Colonia Santa Fe. A community center that serves vulnerable children from the slums of Guatemala City. Over 100 children are enrolled in our afternoon programs where they receive educational reinforcement , learn computer skills, receive tutoring in math and language, have access to library and the internet for research and receive a foundation in God’s word.



Our Approach

Ada Beteta

Experienced teacher who teaches Bible classes to the students, tutors them and helps them with their homework

Eduardo Lux

The director of our center, has been working in the community for the past nine years.

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

-George Washington Carver-

Spiritual Formation

Bible classes, a one hour class every afternoon that includes prayer, worship, memorizing Bible verses, crafts, activities and an action point to live out in their lives. Students participate in Vacation Bible School and Bible club activities with volunteers from our local church and volunteers from the U.S. We hold regular bible studies for the parents.

Educational Reinforcement

Our educational reinforcement programs work to complement the classes students receive in school by providing tutoring in Math, Language Arts and help with their homework. Through our library of books and use of our computer classroom students can do research, complete investigations and print needed content for their school homework. When possible we also provide students with backpacks and other educational supplies to assist them in their studies.

Family Strengthening

Our goal is to see strong families lead by strong parents. %60 of the families in our center do not attend church regularly, yet through ministry to the children we have the chance to minister to the parents.

Bible studies, prayer groups and local church involvement are all part of how we serve the whole family.


In our computer classes students start off learning basic computer skills such as typing, MS-Office applications, internet skills and email. From there they advance to coding and programming learning to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively. They receive classes in internet applications, HTML and web design through a course developed by Royale Studios. For interested students we provide training in Photoshop, graphics design and creating presentations. Students have to opportunity to learn robotic, electronics and engineering concepts through scholarships at Robotis. We place a strong emphasis on teaching students to learn for themselves via internet research and invite local businessmen to give motivational talks to the students.