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When it comes to serving vulnerable children, the impact of just one caring adult can make all the difference.

The Cadaniño after-school programs serve hundreds of at-risk children through nutritional assistance, Bible classes, reading, writing, and arithmetic tutoring, and computer classes where students learn IT skills and programming.

We work with struggling families in high-crime areas plagued by gangs and violence through programs that help students discover their God-given gifts and abilities and use them to their greatest potential.

Our model of hiring, equipping, teaching, and training local teachers from within the communities we serve, enables us to impact the lives of hundreds of children and families and bring about lasting change.

Over the past years, we have seen incredible results in the lives of our students. This year 23% of our students at the Cadaniño Community Impact Center in Colonia Santa made the honor roll in school. Children who have never touched a computer are learning web design and programming. Best of all, shy, quiet kids are gaining confidence as they study God's word and learn to put their trust in Him.

Many of them take what they learn and share it with others. Twenty-three teenagers in our youth group serve in our missions program. For the past two years, they have gone out monthly to teach Bible classes to over 70 children in their neighborhoods, bringing the Gospel to those we could never reach.

By donating to our teacher fund, you empower teachers to impact countless lives for the better.


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Academic Reinforcement

Tutoring, Reading, Writing, Math, Computer Classes, STEM

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Family Strengthening

Nutrition, Counseling, Outreaches, Home Visits